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A typical session goes something like this;

* Short demo for whole class or School assembly.

* Warm up with body percussion, vocals and movement.

* Rhythmic accompaniments on instruments,

Call and response, , unisolo breaks, songs, dynamic variations and BOOM - the whole class is engaged in a new Musical and Cultural experience!

Workshops are tailored specifically to each group depending on age and ability. Please see below for examples of how we work with different ages.





Key Stage 1 - Using story, movement and song, the children are transported to a place where the sound and rhythms of the instruments they are playing, take on meaning and they are able to listen and respond to one another.

Key Stage 2 - Traditional drum patterns are broken down and simplified to allow the children to play clear rhythm and to become a team of musicians.

Key Stage 3 - We begin to explore polyrhythm, unisolo breaks, and gain understanding of the roles of the different drums and instruments in the ensemble.

Key Stage 4 - We start to look more at technique. Through playing polyrhythmic patterns, pupils can begin to improvise, and compose their own rhythms.

6th form and beyond - At this stage we can really look into the specifics of certain rhythms and genres, the conversations between instruments and the use of solo's and improvisation